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UAE official: New Covid strains spread faster, but vaccines effective – News

Special UAE team tracks the new variants, says official.

New Covid strains spread faster but do not cause severe infection

UAE researchers are closely studying the new strains of Covid-19 that are blamed for a surge in cases globally.

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During the weekly Covid briefing on Tuesday, Dr Farida Al Hosani, spokesperson for the UAE government’s health sector, said authorities in the country have found that the new variants are the main reason for a rise in global cases.

Mutated strains tend to spread faster, as they are more infectious, but so far, they “do not appear to cause more severe infections, a higher mortality rate, or any kind of different clinical manifestations”, Dr Al Hosani said on Tuesday.

“Since the beginning of the global announcement of new strains, the UAE has been following up on changes and developments … A special team was formed to track the mutated strains in cooperation with all health authorities. The team analyses the situation periodically and reviews recommendations in this regard.”

Reassuring residents about the efficacy of the Covid vaccines in the UAE, Al Hosani said: “Despite the spread of mutated strains worldwide, many studies have proven the effectiveness of vaccines in providing the necessary protection against them.”

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