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Traffic General Directorate gets ready for the F1

Manama, Mar. 24 (BNA): The General Directorate of Traffic today affirmed that all organisational steps have been taken to ensure traffic flow from and to the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) during the Bahrain Grand Prix (Formula 1) to be held from March 26 to 28.

It called upon road users to follow traffic rules and cooperate with traffic personnel, and the BIC employees deploy at junctions near the F1 venue. 

The parking lot sticker should be kept on the vehicle’s windshield. Visitors should follow the entry instruction signs of the organisers. It is important to come early to attend the race and other associated events and avoid rushing to leave.

The directorate highlighted that traffic patrols would be deployed at all governorates to ensure traffic flow from and to the BIC. The traffic will be monitored by the Control Room and the CCTVs system, while an office to deal with traffic accidents will be allocated at the site.


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