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Saudi Arabia’s jasmine flower, a tradition ripe for investment

Mon, 2021-04-05 00:22

JEDDAH: Preparations are underway to launch the fragrant jasmine plants of the Kingdom’s southern Jazan region as an investment opportunity.

The region is putting forward its City of Jasmines project for investment in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, a project that can also contribute to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Green Initiative.

The white-yellowish flowers’ enchanting scent has a place in flower arrangements at many Saudi social celebrations and weddings. It’s grown commercially in the region, and many backyards across the Kingdom are adorned by the tall climbing plant.

With 280 tons of jasmine flowers cultivated annually, the City of Jasmines project is an attractive destination for agricultural investment, as well as investment in the manufacturing of essential oils, said the Secretary-General of the Jazan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Majed Al-Johary.


The region is putting forward its City of Jasmine project for investment in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

He said it was also in line with the Made in Saudi initiative. The project is expected to produce about 22,000 kilograms of jasmine oil extracted from 1,126,000 jasmine trees, which reach their peak during their summer months.

Al-Johary said there were currently 227,350 Jasmine trees and 14 nurseries licensed to sell jasmine in the region.

However, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture plans to plant 10 million jasmine trees, contributing to the 10 billion trees set to be planted throughout the Kingdom in the next decades.

“Jasmine City will be a new vital investment destination in the Jazan region owing to the competitiveness in the field of agriculture and manufacturing that allows it to manufacture Saudi products of high quality,” he said.

“The studies, the economic reality, and the geographical location of Jazan encourage the provision of major investment opportunities.”

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