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Saudi Arabia: Armed man arrested in Makkah Grand Mosque – News

The man was shouting slogans supporting terror groups.

An armed man was arrested in Makkah’s Grand Mosque on Thursday after shouting slogans in support of terrorist outfits.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, a spokesperson for Makkah police said that the man was arrested by on-site law enforcement for brandishing a knife and shouting slogans after the Asr prayer.

The spokesperson also said that legal proceedings had been initiated against the suspect.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, head of the Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques, affirmed that the use of racist and extremist expressions was against Islamic doctrines.

The man “did not respect the sanctity of the place. God has made the Grand Mosque a place of worship, including prayer, tawaf (circumambulation) and Hajj”, said Al Sudais.

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