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Reformation and Rehabilitation plans to arrange visits for vaccinated inmates

Manama, Mar. 31 (BNA): Interior Ministry Undersecretary, Shaikh Nasser bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, said today that the “Reformation and Rehabilitation” is first a law enforcement authority and, then, a correction organisation, in which inmates serve final judiciary penalties.


He said that the General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation plans to arrange visits for inmates who received COVID-19 vaccination. The family members should also be vaccinated and have to carry the pre-visit test.

He said that the directorate had enabled coronavirus-infected inmates and those who are quarantined for coming into contact with infected cases to call their families to inform them about their health conditions. He continued that all active cases are stable and don’t need to be referred to the hospital for treatment. They are provided with round-the-clock comprehensive medical care by a specialised medical team under the Bahrain Medical Team and the Health Ministry’s supervision.


The Undersecretary said in line with efforts to safeguard the health of all, all types of COVID-19 vaccines were provided for free to inmates, with the right for inmates to choose the type of vaccine they want. A hundred per cent of the inmates who registered for the vaccine have now been vaccinated.


He added that the General Directorate had changed the catering company that provides meals for the inmates with another company over suspicions of inaccurate precautionary measures. The decision caused some meal-related issues for a while, and the situation is back to normal now.


About the pardon and alternative penalties initiatives and the open prison study, he said that work continues to prepare a list of inmates that could benefit from the alternative penalties and determine sectors that they should join to serve the remaining of their sentences to achieve the required correction goals and reintegrate them into society.


The Undersecretary concluded by warning of attempts to politicize the inmates’ situations and exploit the feelings of their families by misleading information of groups and individuals that work within agendas against national interests. He also warned of legal steps against breaking the law by responding to systematic and misleading incitements.


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