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Poll: U.S. Enthusiasm Rises For Covid-19 Vaccines Except Among Republicans

More than 60% of Americans are “enthusiastic” about getting vaccinated against Covid-19 though Republicans are more hesitant, a new poll shows.

The latest Kaiser Family Foundation vaccine monitor report shows 61% of Americans want to get vaccinated “as soon as possible or have already received at least one dose,” the group’s analysis said. Black adults, in particular, are more excited about getting a vaccine with the poll showing a 14% increase in their interest in getting vaccinated compared to February with 55% of black adults now saying they have either gotten vaccinated or want to “as soon as possible.”

The interest in getting vaccinated continues to rise as Americans hear more about the successful experience of others, particularly those they know who have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus. There are now three vaccines on the U.S. market after shots made by Pfizer and Moderna were granted emergency authorizations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December and Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot dosage winning its emergency clearance last month.

“With more people embracing vaccination and the ‘wait and see’ group shrinking rapidly, outreach efforts increasingly can target people with more deep-seated resistance,” said Kaiser Family Foundation president and chief executive Drew Altman.

Still, 20% are hesitant about getting a vaccine unless they are required to for work, school or other activities. “The groups most likely to say ‘definitely not’ to a vaccine include Republicans (29%) and white Evangelical Christians (28%),” Kaiser’s poll analysis shows.

The percentage of Republicans who now say they won’t get vaccinated is similar to Kaiser’s February poll, which offered some hope in that interest in getting a vaccine was “inching up” across “partisan divides.”

But winning Republicans over to vaccination will take more than an endorsement by former President Donald Trump, who was vaccinated before he left the White House in January.

“Among those not yet convinced to get the Covid-19 vaccine right away, few (15%) say they would be more likely to get the vaccine if former President Donald Trump came out with a message strongly urging people to get vaccinated,” the Kaiser analysis showed. “Indeed, even among Republicans, just one in five say they would be more likely to get vaccinated if former President Trump strongly urged people to get vaccinated.”


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