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Motorists will have to pay more for fuel in April as prices to up by 20% – News

Motorists will have to pay more to fill tanks of their vehicles next month as the UAE on Sunday announced 20 per cent average increase in fuel oil prices in line with the international market.

According to an announcement by the UAE Fuel Price Follow-up Committee, Super 98 petrol will increase to Dh2.29 from 1.91 per litre in March, reflecting an increase of 19.89 per cent.

Special 95 petrol cost will increase to Dh2.17 from 1.80 per litre last month, indicating an increase of 20.55 per cent.

E-Plus fuel price also surged by 22.09 per cent as the motorists will have to pay Dh2.10 in April compared to 1.72 a litre this month. However, diesel will cost Dh2.22 instead of 2.01 a litre, reflecting an increase of 21 fils or 10.44 per cent.

International oil prices sustained an upward trend in recent months as robust economic data from the United States, Asia and Europe revived hopes to resume economic activity soon, while the spread of a new Covid-19 variant and lockdowns raised concerns about the near-term recovery in fuel demand.

Benchmark US crude oil for May delivery rose $2.41 to $60.97 a barrel on Friday while Brent crude oil for May delivery rose $2.62 to $64.57 a barrel.

Prices are up because more than 30 oil tankers are waiting to traverse the Suez Canal, which has been blocked since Wednesday after a container ship ran aground. It may take weeks to free the beached vessel, though analysts said low seasonal demand for oil may mitigate the impact of the blockade on energy prices.


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