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Meet Kirsty Kavanagh, the woman behind Dubai’s first luxury cat hotel

Kirsty Kavanagh has been fostering pets and rescuing animals in the community for more than a decade now
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Passionate about animals, Dubai resident Kirsty Kavanagh has been fostering pets and rescuing animals in the community for more than a decade now. She initially started Pawsome Pets, a pet relocation company, on a voluntary basis to help rescue groups send pets to forever homes overseas. This then evolved into a full time business 4 years ago, and since then Pawsome Pets have relocated over 2,225 pets to more than 60 countries around the world. Kirsty has now taken a step further to open Dubai’s first luxury hotel catering to cats in Al Quoz, almost akin to a five-star hotel.

The luxury cattery
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As a pet owner, Kirsty realised that while there are many amazing options for dogs in Dubai, there are no dedicated boarding facilities for cats only. “We saw a gap in the market for a high quality, luxury cattery in Dubai, allowing cats to have spacious, safe and calm areas for them to sleep, play and rest. This could be either as part of their international relocation or as a staycation while their owners are on holiday or even simply for a day or two when owners need their pets to not be at home during maintenance time,” explains Kirsty.

The Pawsome Pets Cat Hotel in Al Quoz has a large facility, with more than 4,000 square feet of space with large double storey individual condos for cats. “Each of these have four separate living spaces within them. Plus, we have three cat lounges and each cat spends time in the lounges every day. They have scratching posts, comfy chairs, areas to climb, water features and cat friendly plants to play with and sniff. Lots to stimulate and interest them during their day,” says Kirsty. “We also have an on-site spa for all their grooming needs, plus of course all meals are freshly prepared for them on site.”

Although the luxury cattery has been open for a few weeks, the response and feedback so far has been brilliant. “Clients are looking for a calm and safe space for their cats while they travel, and to help their pets feel as though it is a home away from home,” she says. “We have pets that stay for one night or for two months and we provide discounts for long-term stays. We are even getting enquiries for day care for those owners who need to ensure their pets are safe while they have maintenance completed at home, or are moving house,” she explains.

The cattery has a licensed pet first aider’s team, as well as a qualified veterinary assistant to help in case there is a pet emergency.

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