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Labour Minister highlights Bahrain’s services to autistic people

Manama, Apr. 1 (BNA): Bahrain will join the International Community in celebrating the World Autism Awareness Day, observed worldwide every April 2 since 2008.

The occasion is an opportunity for the kingdom to confirm its keenness, as an effective partner, to develop and implement plans and programmes to raise awareness on autism cases, through strengthening community partnership and supporting the national efforts aimed at making the Bahraini society more capable of meeting the needs of autistic children and integrating them in public life.

On the occasion, Labour and Social Development Minister said that in line with the efforts of the government’s efforts, the Labour and Social Development Ministry carries on its efforts to provide advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services for this social category.

These include the qualitative services that the Autism Rehabilitation Cente at the Comprehensive Disability Complex will deliver upon its opening for about 100 beneficiaries, noting that 891 persons with autism are currently benefiting from the services provided by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

Humaidan reiterated the Labour Ministry’s keenness to support the national efforts to raise awareness on the concept of Autism Spectrum Disorder, through improving the rehabilitation and educational services provided at 12 centres related to people with special needs, as well as paying their annual expenses.

Among these facilities, there are six centres specialised in rehabilitating autistic people, including “Alia for Early Intervention”, Tafaol Centre for special education, Al-Wafa Centre for Autism, Al-Rashad Centre for Autism, Al-Amal Centre for Early Care and Al-Amal Institute for Special Education, noting that the Labour Ministry has licensed 25 centres for people with autism.

The minister indicated that thanks to directives of the Government Executive Committee, and based on the recommendations of the National Medical Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus, the rehabilitation services resumed at rehabilitation centres since June 2020.


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