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Health Ministry reiterates call to take COVID-19 vaccine

Manama, Mar. 26 (BNA): The Ministry of Health called anew on citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to achieve collective immunity and return to normal life. It pointed out that 452,551 individuals have received the first shot while 241,128 persons have received the second shot, according to statistics conducted until March 24.


The ministry stressed the need to get the available vaccines and not to wait for the provision of a particular one so as to increase the number of vaccinated people and achieve collective immunity. It praised social awareness and positive response to the national vaccination drive, pointing out that there are no waiting lists to get Sinopharm and Sputnik vaccines which can be administered in a short record time.


The Ministry of Health affirmed Bahrain’s leading position internationally in the rate of vaccinated people of its population. It also pointed out the kingdom’s advanced standing in the efforts to combat the pandemic. It asserted that all authorized vaccines to fight the coronavirus proved to be effective in producing antibodies and revving up the immunity system. Therefore, all people have to cooperate and receive the vaccine to protect the safety of individuals and the society and curtain the spread of the virus.


The ministry underlined the importance to continue complying with the precautionary measures even after taking the first or second shot for commitment and inoculation are the best way to fight the virus. It stressed that immunity is not revved up immediately as the body needs one to two weeks after taking the shots.


The Ministry of Health revealed that inoculation protects the individual, their family and surrounding. It called on all to commit to social responsibility and continue complying with the precautionary measures as well as health instructions to eradicate the virus.



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