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European Parliament’s interference in Bahrain’s internal Affairs rejected

Manama, Apr.8 (BNA):The Council of Representatives refuted the stance of the European Parliament which called for the release of inmates who were convicted of violating the constitution, taking part in external conspiracies and collaborating with foreign parties.


Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee Chairman Mp. Mohammed al-Sisi Al Bouainain hit back at the European Parliament’s call, adding that international norms and laws stipulate that the rule of law applies to all people without exception.


He  said that the calls represent a flagrant interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which exercises its sovereignty over its territories and people through justice and the rule of the law.


“The convicts, whom the European Parliament demanded to be released, are indicted of criminal cases that threatened peace and public tranquility”, he said, adding that the rule of law was applied for the sake of  the public interest.


He said that European Parliament is still adamant on systematically targeting the Kingdom of Bahrain through continuous interference in its internal affairs which are regulated by the constitution and law that are consistent with the international system.


The committee  urged European Parliament to obtain the  information from official sources to avoid any distorted ideas, adding that relations binding the Council of Representatives and the EU Parliament are based on mutual respect.  


It said that continued interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs and attempts to impose tutelage on the Bahraini people represented by an elected parliament is unacceptable, especially when relying on false allegations and fallacies from hostile and dishonest sources.




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