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Dubai Green Fund expertise sharing, renewable energy project funding in Bahrain discussed

Manama, Mar. 31 (BNA): Sustainable Energy Authority President Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza held a virtual remote meeting with a delegation from the Dubai Green Fund comprising Moataz Kandil, Chief Investment Officer of the Fund, and Faisal Al Raisi, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Energy Services in the UAE.

Dr. Mirza praised the positive interaction between the competent authorities and companies in the two countries, which contributes to the development of trade relations between them and strengthens their deep-rooted bonds based on the unity of purpose and destiny.

Dr. Mirza gave a presentation on the achievements made in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector in Bahrain and highlighted the importance of building relationships and partnerships with financing institutions, investment funds and major specialized companies to support the efforts made to promote the promising sector in the Kingdom and achieve mutual benefits.

He noted the importance of benefiting from the expertise applied in other countries in renewable energy, mainly solar energy, especially that the UAE has accomplished great achievements through investing in solar energy projects that compete with the leading regional and global projects.

Dr. Mirza also discussed the possibilities of cooperation with the Dubai Green Fund to support the installation of solar energy systems in major infrastructure projects in terms of financing and the experiences gained from similar applications in important projects such as the integration and installation of RETROFIT solar energy systems at Dubai International Airport and others.

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