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Dubai: Duo hit cops as they are fined for not wearing masks – News

One of them tried to flee, but ran into a traffic sign pole.

Two men of Arab origin are standing trial in Dubai after they were arrested on charges of assaulting and insulting police officers after fines were imposed on them for violating Covid-19 precautionary norms.

Documents available with public prosecution revealed that the incident had occurred on January 29 in the Naif neighbourhood in Deira. A police officer found that in a group of four men, two were not wearing masks.

The officer asked the first defendant, 46, to show his Emirates identity (ID) card. However, he failed to show the ID proof. He offered to pay a fine for the violations, but the officer refused to accept any payment.

He asked the defendant to come to the police station. Suddenly, the defendant tried to run away from the spot but hit a traffic sign pole. He was arrested on the spot.

The other defendant, 32, was trying to make a video of the incident with his cellphone in an alleged bid to indict the officer.

He pushed the officer when he asked for the cellphone. Later, he was also arrested.

The first defendant, while being taken to a police station, claimed that he has a heart condition and would need immediate medical attention.

An ambulance was called, but a preliminary check-up revealed that the defendant was feigning a heart condition.

The public prosecution has referred the duo to Dubai Criminal Court for further legal proceedings.

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