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COVID-19: Weekly PCR test made mandatory for all staff at Dubai schools and universities

Dubai: From Sunday, all staff members including teachers at Dubai schools, universities, early learning centres, and training institutes in Dubai will have to take PCR test every seven days, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) said on Wednesday.

The only exceptions are those currently not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine; those who have taken their first dose; and those on holiday. All other “employees who are eligible [for the vaccine] but choose not to be vaccinated must take the PCR test every seven days” — even if they are working remotely. The weekly PCR tests are also mandatory if symptoms of COVID-19 are present.

The updates came on Wednesday on the KHDA website.

Since all adults (with some exemptions) in Dubai are eligible for the vaccine, it means virtually all staff in educational establishments will have to take a PCR test every seven days — or choose to vaccinate to exclude themselves from the new rule.

Dubai Health Authority says the following people are among the “excluded groups” (therefore not eligible) for the vaccine: nursing mothers, pregnant women, children below 18 years, people with immunodeficiency disease, those allergic to any vaccine, among a few other groups.

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