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Covid-19: Saudi expands vaccination to all aged 16 and above – News

People aged 16 and above will get Pfizer shots whole those 18 and above to be given AstraZeneca vaccination.

The health authorities in Saudi Arabia said on Sunday that they have expanded Covid-19 vaccinations to all citizens and residents aged 16 and above as the Gulf state races to bring the virus under control.

Riyadh said the health ministry will start inoculating its population aged 16 and above with Pfizer vaccines, while its citizens and residents aged of 18 and above will have AstraZeneca shots.

It did not provide further details.

The government said on Saturday around 3 million vaccines had been distributed across 500 vaccination centres.

Saudi Arabia began inoculating people in the kingdom with the Covid-19 vaccine in mid-December, becoming the first Arab country to roll out the Pfizer-BioNTech jab. Saudi Arabia had received two shipments of the vaccine in mid-December.

Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq al-Rabiah was one of the first people to receive the vaccine, rolling up his sleeve to receive the inoculation in front of the media.

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