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11 mosques closed after COVID-19 outbreaks in Saudi Arabia

Sat, 2021-04-03 00:21

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance on Friday temporarily shut 11 mosques in five regions after coronavirus cases were confirmed among worshippers.
Virus cases have led to 441 mosques being forced to temporarily close in the past 54 days, with 416 reopening after sanitization measures were completed.
The ministry said that four of the mosques were in Qassim, three in Makkah, two in Riyadh, and one in each of the regions of the Northern Borders and Al-Jouf.
Eleven mosques have been reopened in Riyadh, Makkah, Eastern Province, Al-Jouf, Qassim, and the Northern Borders region.

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9 Saudi mosques closed after virus outbreaks3 more mosques closed after virus outbreaks in Saudi Arabia

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